.::Sacred She of Dark and Wild::.

photo credits: Luís Conde

20th to 22nd January 2017
Sheffield, UK

The fertile shadow
Retreat for women and men on the wild wisdom of sorrow, death and inner shadow
« Because suffering brings the rain of tears, because the rain of tears waters the earth, because moisture on dry earth of our being is guaranteed to bring forth new life»
Untie the strong Woman, Clarissa Pinkola Estés
Acknowledge, Express, Purify, Release, Transform, Give thanks
The Shadow is a place of end, a necessary final so that a new begging may become and the life cycle can move and continue.
When we allow shadow to be expressed and communicated we are investing upon integration of experiences and creating an inner space of truth, trust, presence and consciousness.
All women are born holding a sword: some will use it to conquer unknow territories, others will slit heads with anger or justice, others will use only to cut vegetables and prepare meals; some will hide it, but they will never be able to Forget it.
The sword of Inner Truth in profound empathy is a work of constant balance, to use it wisely is a devotional art of the untamable Feminine Spirit.

In ancient traditions, Dark Goddesses represent the fertile ground of Earth, and the mysterious night of the endless sky. She is beginning, end and continuation.
We come from Her, to Her we shall return and in Her we Are.
Weeping Women, Story Tellers, Song and prayer keepers and oracle women were often found in the cults of these Deities, as psico pomps, working upon the power of release so that renewal can take place and be revered.


* Dhara Yoga with Cristal therapy
* Emotional Intelligence and somatic release group practises
* Dream work
* Drum healing
* Dance and voice: Body Earth practises
* Mirror work
* Wild wisdom and Sacred Death Soul Work
* The Serpent path
* The Indestructible Inner Self
* Rituals and intuitive art
* Wild nature of body and soul
* Circle work

(more dates available soon)