Dhara Yoga, Geo Medicine and Mindful Movement retreat for Women
Womb, Heart, Spirit and Earth embodiment practices for feminine consciousness

4 interconnected centers : Womb, Heart, Mind, Spirit
4 interconnected fields: Action, Feeling, Thought, Being
4 ages: Maiden, Lover, Mother, Crone
4 Seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
4 Moons: Wanning, Full, Waxing, New
4 Elements: Water, Earth, Fire, Air

Merge into the depth of Tantra Yoga practise for women.
Surrender to the power of core gentleness, assertive kindness, embodied empathy, zero indulgence.
Be clean, clear, aware, awaken.
Woman, Sky Dancer, Earth Daughter, Medicine Keeper

An immersion into Feminine Core Nature, through Dhara Yoga (womb Yoga with cristal Yoni eggs), Geo Medicine (cristaltherapy, herbalism and conscious nutrition), Mindful Movement , Wild Nature Walks, Meditations and Sacred Feminine Rituals.