I am Iris Lican, and I write myself in the first person. I am a Dance Artist, Medicine Woman, Therapist and Doula. I am mother, woman, sister, lover, companion, friend, animal and mostly a being at the absolute service of all beings in the heart of the Mother Goddess. As did the ancestors, I believe that the artist, the healer, the philosopher and the witch are one, in dynamic integrity. This is the basis of my work, be it bodywork, ritual, birth or soul journeys. I weave my practices from conscious listening, aware presence and the power of creation of relationship with all, in a cyclical dance of shadow and light wherein the wild potential of undifferentiated body and soul reveals itself, allowing us to rediscover and reinvent ourselves, our life and the collective experience. In Portugal, my home land, I created the Contemporary Medicine Woman Institute (a school of holistic therapies, art, health, nutrition, birth and death), the cooperative Senhora d’Azenha (a retreat center in nature) and I coordinate a Tantra Yoga, Feminine Practices and Sacred Dance studio in Lisbon. Although young, I have 20 years experience of study and practice of European Panantheism (yes, not ‘pantheism’) and Ritual Magic. I am also trained in Tantra (Yoga, therapy, bodywork and meditation), in devotional dances from the ancestral feminine traditions of the Middle East, Northern Africa and South Europe, and in conscious movement, coaching and Emotional Intelligence.




I was born and raised in the countryside, observing myself in the seasons on Earth. A great part of my learning is from experiencing, hands-on, the Mother (Matter) – Nature – source of life and key to wisdom. I have a degree in Institutional communication. Rebelling against my field of studies I acknowledged my need to bring more humanism to the reality we live in through art, nutrition and healing. I am a self-taught herbalist, crystal and dream therapist and conscious cook. I am a ritual dancer, having studied Oriental and Organic Movement with the artist and medicine woman Iris Lican, with the art activist Mariana Lemos and with the musician Baltazar Molina. I am part of the cooperative project Senhora d’Azenha and it’s related projects: Contemporary Medicine Women Institute, Corpo Terra Studio and Cozinha das Bruxas (the Dancing Witches’ Kitchen), I teach holistic herbalism focusing on incenses, essences, elixirs, conscious cooking and story-telling. I have created the project Earthwalking (bare foot walking retreats in wild nature), Corpo Essência (crystal therapy) and Delphos Seeds oracle. I aim to offer an integrated work of healing and self development. By whichever of these paths, the choice is always an expression of Pure Life in movement, consciously creating what each moment requires in connection to All in resonance.